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I am a Budapest local, currently living in Iceland. I love exploring, adventures, travelling and my all time favorite city is Budapest. You can reach me at

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Best Public Transport for Sightseeing in Budapest
Posted by: pfarkas /2420

You may have been to cities where the best option for sightseeing was a taxi, tuk-tuk or a hop-on-hop-off service. Lucky for you, Budapest boasts one of the best public transportation network in Europe (and the world). Moreover, it’s relatively cheap. And the best thing is, there are some public transport lines that offer a […]


Budapest Caves Guide – Underground Budapest
Posted by: pfarkas /3970

Budapest with its 80 geothermal springs and 200 caves found to date is not only famous for its hot springs and thermal spas but caves as well. Budapest lies on a geological fault line, where the thermal springs during millions of years have carved out a complex network of tunnels and caves. Since these caves […]