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I’m a freelance journalist, on maternity with my baby girl. A devoted Budapest local and traveller of Hungary and the world when I can, happy to share insider tips. You can reach me at

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5 Markets Not to Miss while in Budapest
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Like any big city, Budapest has a wide array of food sources to turn to. But is there a better way to buy your foodstuffs from a stall at a market if you have the time? Also, if you are like me and love to check out marketplaces wherever you travel, just to have a feel of […]


Runs not to miss in Hungary in 2017
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Hungary is the aspiring to become the new running capital of Europe, according to The English version of the long-time run organising sports club has a very fancy list of runs on offer for travellers who prefer getting acquainted with the city the faster way. This year there are still plenty of opportunities to run half […]


Budapest spa guide – from the touristy to the forgotten
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Budapest is the only capital city in the world with over 118 natural springs full of mineral rich hot water. No wonder the city is sometimes referred to as “the city of baths”. Bathing has been part of the culture in Budapest since the Celtic times in the 4th century BC, then continued by Romans […]